Sleepm Global Inc. was founded in the Greater Ontario region of Canada in 2018. The company has since expanded to various international countries with head offices in Toronto and Los Angeles. Initially a mattress company, Sleepm has partnered with the World Organization of Natural Medicine and became a sleep wellness company. The company’s premiere Biocrystal products are used to facilitate and improve the sleeping experience of thousands across the globe. Sleepm is dedicated to provide quality products to steer forward the message of natural health and bring forth the awareness of our connection with mother nature. 

Sleepm Biocrystal 7-Zone Orthopedic Mattress

The Sleepm Biocrystal® Mattress is an innovative new type of mattress that uses a powerful combination of modern technology with ancient medicinal properties. The results are incredible:

• Gives you a full night of quality sleep
• Experience more energy and peace of mind
• Improve concentration
• Improve your immune system and body circulation
• Strengthen your muscular system
• Helps prevent neck pain and lower back pain

Better sleep and improved quality of life starts with Sleepm’s incredible technology. Our remarkable mattress technology includes our Biocrystal® mixture, a special blend of 16 natural crystals that are blended with real gold and silver to maximize your body’s healing

Benefits of Sleepm’s Biocrystal Toppers

We take “smart” sleep technology to a new level with the Isotonic 7-zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This layered topper keeps you cool, comfortable, and supported all night with temperature-responsive technology.

Available is the Black Diamond One (with activated charcoal and latex), the Blue Diamond One (without activated charcoal and latex) and the original Sleepm Biocrystal® Topper.

The topper is filled with all the same biocrystals as our mattress, so it’s perfect for someone who wants the benefits of biocrystals, but prefer to keep their existing mattress.

  • with temperature-responsive smart foam containing carbon, an odor neutralizing agent.
  • multi-surface design offers additional support and relieves pressure points where needed to relax and comfort the entire body.
  • also features cool channel ventilation to permit air flow to cool you as you sleep.
  • The breathable mesh gusset cover and the responsive smart foam provide a cooler night’s sleep.

Sleepm Biocrystal Toppers

Biocrystal Ergonomic Pillows

Maintain normal curvature

support your cervical vertebrae
The parts of the human body that have direct contact with the pillow are the cervical vertebrae. These cervical vertebrae are closely connected to the shoulder, back and waist muscles, ligaments, intervertebral discs, etc., and thus the pillow can have a tremendous impact on human health. According to statistics, uncomfortable pillows are the reason for 150 million of the 600 million insomniacs in the world. So it’s essentially important to choose the right pillow, which will work well for you, and help with your health. Never underestimate the role of the pillow. Choosing the correct pillow has a crucial impact on comfortable sleep and the health of the cervical spine!